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How to Buy Pre-paid Electricity

You can download the latest
Prepaid electricity rates for
Tshwane from here
The only municipality supported by PrePaid4All at this stage is the Tshwane municipality.

To buy prepaid electricity, just follow these few easy steps:
  1. To verify if you can purchase prepaid electricity from PrePaid4All,
    just SMS "Tshwane your_meter_number" to 071 614 6619

  2. Register on this website.
    This is just so that we have the cell phone number to which we can send the tokens to.
    This also gives you the added benefit of complete history of all your tokens purchased.

  3. Make sure that the meter you want to purchase electricity for is linked to your user profile. You can do this by logging in with your username and password and clicking on the "View My Meters" link.

    If the meter you want to purchase electricity for is not on your list of meters, please add it by filling in the details under "Add a New Meter" and click on the Add Meter button.

  4. Select from one of the banks below, and create PrePaid4All as a beneficiary.

    NB - Remember to add your 11 digit meter number as the reference when setting up the beneficiary.

    This is a once off process that does not need to be repeated.

  5. When you are ready you can make a payment to the PrePaid4All beneficiary you have setup, but just remember that the minimum purchase amount is R150.
    To add additional meters, you need to first login and then update your details.

    In the future you will only need to repeat step number 3.

As soon as the Prepaid4All system receives confirmation from the bank that the money was received, it will then go ahead and buy a prepaid electricity voucher at the municipality, for the amount which was paid into the account.

We strive to deliver the token to you as quickly as possible, but it does depend on the notification we get from the bank and also the availability of the cell phone network to deliver the token to you via SMS.

If for any reason you do not receive your token after 10 minutes, please contact us so that we can attend to the problem.

Our Bank Details:

    Please click on your bank's icon below to get directed to your Online Banking page

     Acc No: 9270 987 271
     Branch: Centurion
     Reference: YOUR METER NUMBER
     Acc No: 6241 726 7459
     Branch: Centurion
     Reference: YOUR METER NUMBER
     Acc No: 1020 488 581
     Branch: Mall@Reds
     Reference: YOUR METER NUMBER
     Acc No: 1001 550 9492
     Branch: Mall@Reds
     Reference: YOUR METER NUMBER
     Acc No: 1349 450 373
     Branch: Mall@Reds
     Reference: YOUR METER NUMBER

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